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"The Tracking & Recovery Network" for Big Game BowHunting, Alligator Hunting, Marine Projects, Antenna Launching"
"The Tracker" - Professional Tracking System The Tracker™ ... The Solution 
" Eliminate Crippling Loses !"  Crossbow Friendly ! 
"The Crossbow Maounting Kit" for The Tracker by THS.com Crossbow Mounting Kit™ ... The Solution 
" Mount The Tracker™ to Your Crossbow"  
The Tracker Spools The Tracker Spool ...The Solution    
" Track Your Trophy Using The Tracker™ 
Picatinny Rail Mounting Kit™ ... The Solution
"Mount Accessories like The Tracker™ to Your Crossbow"
The Tracker Clips™ ... The Solution  " Tie The Tracker Spool™ Line to an Arrow" 
ProPur Water Filtration - Instant Discount & Free Ship
        Comp-N-Choke Chokes   
KICK's Chokes
            SpyderWeb Targets
      Paper & Waterproof Targets

Barronett Ground Blind $159.99 plus FREE Tracker
Bunkerhead Touch-Free Face MaskBUNKERHEAD FACE MASK  $19.99
SALE - $8.99 Gun Lube 
by Makers of Slip2000
SALE  - $19.99
Gun Tool by Real Avid
Stitch 'N Fix - Pop-Up Blind Repair Kit
Bowgrunter Plus - Hands-Free Deer Call
Elk -by Rinehart
Discount plus
-by Delta McKenzie
1-Stop for  3D Targets & All Parts
Rinehart Targets - extra discount
3D Targets  
Mids, Vitals, Cores, Horns

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Picatinny 5-Slot Rail Mounting Kit

( 2 1/2" long rail section )
 $10.99  ORDER





Picatinny 7-Slot Rail Mounting Kit  
( 3 1/4" long rail section )
 $10.99 ORDER

Read about the necessity of using a tracking unit 
Read about recovering your turkey, deer or other game

The Turkey Pro Sez: "With the increasing popularity of crossbows, customers have been asking for a secure way to mount THE TRACKER™ Professional Game Tracking System to their crossbows. 

A Picatinny Rail system is an excellent solution, but many crossbows, especially older models, don't come with a properly located section of rail or none at all. 

solve this issue, we introduced the:
Picatinny Rail Mounting Kit™ and
Crossbow Mounting Kit™

When installed together, these two kits provide a quick, easy, solid, and effective way to attach and detach
THE TRACKER™ to a crossbow.

If your crossbow Does Not have a Picatinny Rail connection point, or one is not properly located on your crossbow, and you want to mount THE TRACKER™ properly, neatly and securely to the weapon, you will need to purchase both a Picatinny Rail Mounting Kit™ and a Crossbow Mounting Kit™.
To get a quick second shot if you miss with the first, you can easily mount a second
THE TRACKER™  to your crossbow in another location by attaching an additional piece of Picatinny Rail material to the bow (another Picatinny Rail Mounting Kit™ will be needed), then with a second
Crossbow Mounting Kit™ , a second THE TRACKER™ unit can be installed on the weapon. Tie the line from the second tracker to an arrow in your quiver for a quick second shot. I have often used this method to bag game that I missed with the first arrow.  I always want to have a tracking line to follow after every shot to aid recovery of game."

by TurkeyHuntingSecrets.com
"The Tracker" attached to "Crossbow Mounting Kit" attached to "Picatinny Rail'Crossbow Mounting Kit™ & Picatinny Rail™  Save $3
with 5-Slot Rail  $27.99  ORDER
with 7-Slot Rail  $27.99  ORDER
Sold Separately
"The Crossbow Maounting Kit" for The Tracker by THS.comCrossbow Mounting Kit™   
"The Picatinny Rail Kit" - 5 Slot or 7 Slot Picatinny RailPicatinny Rail Kit™   
5-Slot ORDER  
7-Slot ORDER 




NEW  for 2019!  

by TurkeyHuntingSecrets.com 

Everything you need to install a 
Picatinny Rail Section to Crossbows & other bows in order to Attach
THE TRACKER™ Professional Game Tracking System 
3 Steps Needed ...

  1. Attach the Picatinny  Rail section to the bow

  2. Assemble and attach the Crossbow Mounting Kit™ (sold separately) to the Picatinny Rail Section

  3. Attach the THE TRACKER™
    to the crossbow


  • Picatinny Rail Mounting Kit includes: 
    ~ Picatinny rail section (polymer) 
           (5 slot or 7 slot)

    ~ (2) ˝" 10-24 button head bolts
    ~ (2) 1" 10-24 button head bolts
    ~ (2) 10-24 weld nuts
    ~ (2) ˝" Phillips head screws
    ~ (2) 5/8" Phillips head screws
    ~ 1/8" hex key
    ~ Mounting instructions & tips

  • Detailed Instructions Include:
    Steps to install the rail section 
        to a crossbow

    ~ Rail section location tips
    ~ How to install with bolts or 

    ~ Things to do before the shot
    TIPS on tracking and finding
        your trophy.

™ and

"The Tracker"™ 
Professional Tracking System
by TurkeyHuntingSecrets.com
The Tracker - Professional Tracking System - by THS.comNew & Improved
Game Tracker
2500/ 3000  
$19.99 ea.
includes your choice: 
 17# white spool
17# orange spool   ORDER
 30# white spool     ORDER
 30# orange spool   ORDER
  ( former Eastman Outdoors /
    GameTracker product )
"The Crossbow Maounting Kit" for The Tracker by THS.comCrossbow Mounting 

Picatinny Mounting
   NEW !

The Tracker Clips™
NEW ! 

                Broadhead Discounts


         THE TRACKER Spool

   17#  &  30# White
   17#  &  30# Orange

 by TurkeyHuntingSecrets.com
17#  White spool
Sgl -
$ 8.99       ORDER
2 PAK $ 13.99   ORDER
5 PAK $ 29.99   ORDER
17#  Orange  spool
Sgl -
$ 10.99      ORDER
2 PAK $ 17.99    ORDER
5 PAK $ 42.99    ORDER
30#  White spool
Sgl -
$ 8.99        ORDER
2 PAK $ 13.99    ORDER
5 PAK $ 29.99    ORDER
30#  Orange  spool
Sgl -
$ 10.99     ORDER
2 PAK $ 17.99   ORDER
5 PAK $ 42.99    ORDER
Sampler Paks
2 PAK White Sampler 
$ 13.99    ORDER
1 ea 17# & 30# white

4 PAK White Sampler
$ 25.99   ORDER
2 ea 17# & 30# white
2 PAK Orange Sampler
$ 17.99   ORDER
1 ea 17# & 30 # orange
4 PAK Orange Sampler
$ 33.99   ORDER
2 ea 17# & 30 # orange
4 PAK Mixed Sampler
$ 29.99 
2 ea 17# white, 17# orange

6 PAK Mixed Sampler
$ 42.99 
   2 ea 17# & 30# white &
17# orange


8 PAK Mixed Sampler
$ 59.99   ORDER
2 ea 17# & 30# white &
        17# & 30# orange
~ PicatinnyRailMountingKit
Crossbow Mounting Kit™
~ The Tracker Clips
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 SAVE $6 
2 Camo  
Bowgrunter Plus 
Deer Calls
$ 39.99
Limited Quantity

18" x 18" x 18"
Delta Deadstop Quad
Sale $49.00
Gobbler Hauler
by Russell Koxlien
Gobbler Hauler by Russell Koxlien
$19.99  ORDER


Blind Secure - Pop-Up Blind Security Kit
by Roger Raisch Hunting Products

Stitch 'N Fix - Pop-Up Blind Repair Kit
by Roger Raisch Hunting Products

Real Avid Turkey Tool
The Ultimate Turkey Tool
by Real Avid
$25.99  ORDER
New & Improved   
The Tracker™- Professional Tracking System
The Tracker - Professional Tracking System - by THS.com
1 Tracker with
1 Spool $ 19.99

Longbeard Pro-Seat  Advantage

SALE  $99.99

Dickson Game Bags
Extra Heavy-Duty Deer Game Bag

Extra Heavy-Duty Deer Game Bag by Dickson Industries
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  DELTA Riverbottom, MAXIM, Bedded Buck VITAL
Delta Replacement Vital # 50201 - Used for "Riverbottom, MAXIM, MAXIM Bedded Buck" .
World Champion
Custom Chokes
as low as $ 47.99
Turkey Hunting
& Card Shooting

Comp-N-Choke Custom Shotgun Chokes - WORLD CHAMPION - Remington, Benelli, Beretta, Mossberg & Winchoke for Gun Hunters
Sporting Clays, Trap, Waterfowl, Bird, Deer etc.

Comp-n-Choke Brass Snap Cap

OCTOBER 2019  
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Custom Padded Box Call Holster
Turkey Hunting Secrets Camo Padded Box Call Holster by Roger Raisch Hunting Products
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Wild Turkey Hunting &  Management Book
- by  Dr. Lovett E. Williams, Jr.
CD ...
Real Turkeys VI

 Dr. Lovett Willaims, Jr Wild Turkey Management Book
Real Turkeys Audio CD / Cassettes
by  Dr. Lovett E. Williams, Jr.
Dr. Lovett Williams, Jr Cd's and Cassette Tapes


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